The best animalistic friends are worth an own decorative figure collection bearing precious Swarovski® crystals. Those cute sparkling eyes simply need to be taken to one’s heart! Get enchanted by faithful dogs, sweet cats, elegant birds and cute mice. Simply a must for all pet lovers!


Cat Sofa

number of crystals: 89
dimensions: 305 x 90 x 28 mm
weight: 1.000 g

Cat Sofa Cat Sofa
Candy M white Candy M white
Jacky M white Jacky M white
Jacky L white Jacky L white
Polly M white Polly M white
Max M black Max M black
Mini XS Mini XS
Mono XS Mono XS
Dog Sofa Dog Sofa
Terry M white Terry M white
Terry L white Terry L white
Scotty M black Scotty M black
Scotty L black Scotty L black
Cha-Cha M white Cha-Cha M white
Woo-Woo M brown Woo-Woo M brown
Molly M white Molly M white
Moby M black Moby M black