Welcome to the sparkling world of IMPLEXIONS!



IMPLEXIONS: modern design inspired by nature


We have taken our nature, which created inclusions in amber a million years ago, as an example. Our aim is to reproduce this stunning effect of levitating objects, just like inclusions in amber, within a completely new design material.


A symbiosis of pure Plexi Glass® and precious SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS


IMPLEXIONS has developed a unique technology which allows us to embed precious SWAROVSKI® crystals in high-quality plexi glass without any seams and bubbles; a fascinating illusion of floating, glittering forms and elements comes true. The awesome combination of nature and design; the stunning light effect surprises and enchants all senses. No matter if classy-elegant or modern-creative or experimental-bizarre is your choice of style: IMPLEXIONS vests plexi glass with a very special soul. With an IMPLEXIONS design object you can easily glamorize every room - at home, in the office and in any other business area.


IMPLEXIONS: embedded brilliance


Design objects by IMPLEXIONS are the most robust and long-lasting beauties in the area of home accessories. They are completely immune against low temperatures and humidity and even after many years they look like new – without any discolorations. Precious crystals are saved for eternity inside their plexi glass housing.

The IMPLEXIONS assortment offers home accessories for every taste; no matter if you are looking for classy and timeless interior with timeless style or for trendy, colorful design objects. The amount of embedded handset crystals varies between 2 and more than 60.000 per item.