Yachting Festival Cannes

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Auf dem diesjährigen Yachting Festival in Cannes vom 09.09. – 14.09.2014 wurde erstmals IMPLEXIONS Architecture in dem Bereich Yachtinterieur präsentiert.

Neben unserem einzigartigen beleuchteten Treppen- und Wandelement wurde auch IMPLEXIONS Lighting mit der speziellen IMPLEXIONS Technologie zur Schau gestellt.


A sea of emotions transferred into elements like luxurious and sparkling crystals, floating, embedded and captured forever – that is the core oft he IMPLEXIONS Architecture technology. Trough an unique method of multi-layer processing in Plexiglas®, the embedded elements are protected from dirt and damage as well as theft. IMPLEXIONS Architecture is following the model of nature: every single element is precisely positioned and fully embedded, just like little insects preserved in amber for millions of years. Show others your uniqueness in giving your environment a completely individual shape. SWAROVSKI Elements©, gold nuggets, coloured leaves, there is almost no limit to the elements that can be used. No matter the building or room oft he lighting object or even unique furniture, with IMPLEXIONS Architecture your dreams of individuality will become feasible challenges.